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Instant Insight: Success isn’t for its own sake

Success is something that we often wish for our friends, our family, and ourselves. Our high school yearbooks are filled with messages like Best wishes! and Good luck! because the specific goals don’t usually exist yet.

But success as an idea has to be meaningfully defined. Whether that’s saving lives, opening your own business, reading Shakespeare, learning cat portraiture, or raising children that are polite, we should strive to be successful in a way that reflects who we are and what makes us proud of our efforts. Anything else, well, really isn’t
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How to cultivate the habits that matter to you

A few years ago I made a dramatic move from Brooklyn to Maine. I didn’t pack my bags and leave because living in the city was a burden or too rough; quite the opposite, actually. Living in the city was fun. (A lot of fun!) 

But the day-to-day events of my life eventually overtook over my ambitions. Life was great, but it wasn’t exactly conducive to cultivating the kind of habits I needed to achieve my long-term goals. And make no mistake: To achieve your goals you have to cultivate the right habits. It isn’t easy, but it is essential. 

First envision what you really want

Picking the habits that work for you entails imagining the kind of life you want to live. It’s just impossible to transform habits into accomplished goals if you don’t even know what you want in the first place. Something that Barbara Sher suggests in her book Wishcraft is
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