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Stuck moments: You are not alone

Hitting a stuck moment can feel isolating. We might think “No one understands,” or “I’m the only one in this situation.” And as we sit there, stranded on our island of stuckness, it seems as if help will never arrive.

We’re here to tell you it isn’t so. Not only do we all get stuck all the time, but many of us get stuck in the same ways. It’s more than cold comfort, knowing that you’re not the only one. It’s reassurance that others have gone before you and worked on the same problem you face—so, yes, there is a way forward.

What’s got so many of us hung up? Here’s a generalized summary from Unstuck. To get past your stuck moment, download the free Unstuck app here.

Time is fleeting
Simply put, there just isn’t enough of it to do what we really want to do.

Jobs dominate lives
Many are looking for the
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Ready for action? There’s a tool for that

Some stuck moments call for more action, less analysis. That’s when we skip the app’s question session and head straight to the 11 tools.

We’ve matched up a common thought during a stuck moment with the tool designed to help you move forward. But there’s no rule that you can only use one tool.

Stuck thought: What’s getting in the way?
Unstuck tool: Tell Me Why.
Figuring out what holds us back usually goes below the surface. That’s why this tool nudges you to dig deeper for the real answer.

Stuck thought: I can’t decide.
Unstuck tool: Pros vs. Pros.
Indecision often comes from overthinking a situation. This tool takes away any thinking time, so you rely on your gut instinct to decide.

Stuck thought: I’m bored. I could use a change.
Unstuck tool: Shake Up Your Routine.
Boredom occurs when we need a challenge. This tool lets us look at any routine—paying bills, commuting to work, whatever you’re
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Unstuck’s secret sauce

An early adopter of Unstuck asked us, “How did you get inside my head?” Actually, we didn’t. The three main questions in the opening segment of the Unstuck app are designed to help you figure out what you don’t know by asking what you do know.

How are you feeling? People don’t often inquire about this unless you’ve been under the weather. It’s the first question in Unstuck because your emotions can reveal more about a situation than any written or spoken explanation. Feelings don’t censor themselves, making it a very honest assessment.

What are you thinking? Based on your feelings, there are a number of possible thoughts you might be having around your stuck moment. Again, thoughts, as opposed to what you might say out loud, reveal perspectives that could be standing in our way.

What are you doing? Actions speak louder than words, right? When people bounce their leg up and
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A single approach to diverse problems

By designing our app for anyone who wants to make a situation better, Unstuck casts a wide net.  Our approach is topic-agnostic, so it works for any kind of stuck moment.  Now that it’s been available for three weeks, it’s a pleasure to see how the app is being used and promoted in fresh and surprising ways.

• The New Yorker’s Goings On blog finds it a tempting alternative to New Year’s resolutions.

• MediaBistro’s GalleyCat recommends Unstuck for overcoming writer’s block.

• Similarly, Creative Blizzard calls it a brainstorming tool for advertising professionals.

• Customer service expert Mike Wittenstein predicts our approach will be used for product selectors on retail shelves.

• On,  the blogger used it to get to the root of a family problem, and says it works for all big decisions, like jobs, relationships,
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Unstuck 1.0.2 update now available

Apple very quickly pushed through our Unstuck app update, which should help people using iOS 4. The updates fixed:

• occasional lag during login process• a rare crash during the diagnostic process• small copy updates

You can check for the update now in the Apple App
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Three steps to getting unstuck

The Unstuck app, available for free download in the Apple App Store, helps anyone who wants to make their life better. It follows this three-step process.

1. Figure out why you’re stuck
First, the app helps you diagnose what’s really going on in your stuck moment. It asks provocative questions to help you find out what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and what you’re actually doing.

2. Learn how to get unstuck
Based on the diagnostic, the app helps you identify what type of stuck moment you’re having. It helps you understand that moment and common patterns of behavior associated with it-and then suggests how to move forward.

3. Take action
For each stuck moment, you get tips and the perfect tool to pry yourself into action. Because it’s interactive and saves your info, the app is both a workspace to get unstuck in the moment and a record of your past stuck moments and what you
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The Unstuck iPad app is live—and free

Let the unsticking begin! We’re thrilled to announce that, as of today, our free Unstuck iPad app is live in the Apple App Store.

So, what is Unstuck?

It’s a new in-the-moment approach to personal growth. It’s about living better—every day. You can watch a demo video here.

The Unstuck app turns your iPad into a life coach on the go. It helps you diagnose your stuck moments to reveal what’s really behind your roadblocks—breaking things down so you see yourself and your situation from a new angle. With that new perspective, you get tips and tools in an engaging, interactive experience that guides you to a personal action plan. Your springboard to getting unstuck.

Unstuck is based on the belief that people—especially those with high aspirations—get stuck all the time. These stuck moments can be big or small. They can involve just you or
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What do I do now?

When you ask yourself that question, it’s a sure sign that you’re stuck. When you ask yourself that question repeatedly—about the same situation—it’s time to do something about it. That’s where Unstuck comes in.

The Unstuck iPad app is a lot like having a life coach on call. Any time you’re feeling stuck, the app can show you where you’re going astray and then help you think differently.

Having trouble making a choice? Unstuck pits your gut instincts against the clock. Don’t know how to pull off your latest caper? There’s a planning tool for that. In fact, there are 11 Unstuck tools (and 50 some-odd tips) all aimed at propelling you forward.

We’re confident that Unstuck can help you answer “what do I do now?” But don’t mistake it for a quick-fix gizmo (you know there are no quick fixes, right?). It’s an innovative and personalized approach to
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