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Why I said ‘yes’ to everything for a week

After being laid off from my second start-up and ending a three-year relationship in the first few months of 2016, I knew I had to seriously shake things up to feel like I was back on track with my life.

I found myself flooded with emotion; from sadness, self-pity, and regret, to anger that work and people I cared a lot about were being ripped away (or at least that’s how it felt). I had an overwhelming feeling that I had left too much unfinished or, as I somewhat dramatically tweeted that week: The feeling of leaving something important left unfinished without having the opportunity to complete it is haunting.

The birth of Yes Week

When I found out I would no longer be spending my hours pouring over projects that meant a lot to me, I dove into a two-week-long pity party of late-night drinking, junk-food eating, and lots of teary happy
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