Talk yourself into a better job situation

Boy, have jobs got us stuck. 

• Bad bosses.
• Crappy coworkers.
• Lack of inspiration.
• Rewarding work but low pay.
• Great pay but soul- and time-sucking tasks.

We’re hearing a collective “there has to be a better way!” sigh from the Unstuck community. And there is—though it’s not one-size-fits-all.

Job advice is plentiful, but you’ve probably heard most of it before. So we were delighted with the fresh take “Eight new ways of working for 2012” from The Telegraph. In particular, we honed in on the point “Don’t blame others.”

Riana Avis, a transition conversation skills consultant, says “To get what we want we have to start being honest, and that often involves having some tough conversations. And usually the toughest of them all is the one with ourselves. But until you have that tough conversation, all the obstacles that you allow to be in your way will still be there.”

Yes! The Unstuck app offers a personalized tool for holding this kind of one-on-one conversation with ourselves, prompting us to think differently about situations we feel mired in. In short, it helps us get out of our own way.

If Unstuck has helped you think differently about your job, let us know.