The Unstuck iPad app is live—and free

Let the unsticking begin! We’re thrilled to announce that, as of today, our free Unstuck iPad app is live in the Apple App Store.

So, what is Unstuck?

It’s a new in-the-moment approach to personal growth. It’s about living better—every day. You can watch a demo video here.

The Unstuck app turns your iPad into a life coach on the go. It helps you diagnose your stuck moments to reveal what’s really behind your roadblocks—breaking things down so you see yourself and your situation from a new angle. With that new perspective, you get tips and tools in an engaging, interactive experience that guides you to a personal action plan. Your springboard to getting unstuck.

Unstuck is based on the belief that people—especially those with high aspirations—get stuck all the time. These stuck moments can be big or small. They can involve just you or others. They can be chronic challenges or things you’ve never faced before. Stuff like:

•  “I’m not making the time for what’s really important to me.”
•  “I can’t figure out when I should go back to work after my baby is born.”
•  “I need to find a job that I really love.”
•  “I’m in a rut.”
•  “Should we rent, build, or renovate?”
•  “My co-worker and I don’t agree on how to approach this.”
•  “I’m having trouble losing that last 10 pounds.”
•  “Should I commit? I keep going back and forth.”
•  “My siblings and I can’t decide what to do for our father’s birthday.”

Using the app, you can get unstuck in three steps—find out how.

We hope you’ll take a minute to download Unstuck and try it out. Let us know what you think!

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