Tiny habits make all the difference

Here we are. It’s January 9 and for most of us, the New Year’s resolutions that we were so resolute about just last week are feeling less and less sustainable with each passing day. But all is not lost. 

We all recognize that change is hard, and when you focus only on big, abstract ideas like getting in shape or finding your calling, moving forward can seem incredibly daunting. Breaking those problems down into small tasks just might be the secret. 

One approach involves a new way of thinking about habits. Researcher BJ Fogg from Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab argues that adding tiny habits to your existing routines can eventually lead you toward making real change in your life. Take a listen to this story from KQED’s QUEST program to hear more about how flossing just one tooth or playing ukelele for just 30 seconds per day can make a difference.