Top-rated habit-building tools under $20

Who hasn’t started out determined to change a habit, only to run out of steam a few weeks in? That’s because building or breaking habits is rarely a solo journey. We all need help at times to keep the momentum. So in the spirit of helping you help yourself, we rounded up five of the highest-rated habit-building tools under $20 available on (Disclosure: Unstuck will receive a small stipend from any purchases on this page.)

 Habit Calendar and Planner, $18
Start your year of habit-building anytime with this 12-month tool that helps you monitor your daily habits. Psychologist approved, this illustrated notebook will works for both short- and long-term goals. “All in all a great habit calendar that keeps you on track,” writes L.E.J., a certified purchaser on Amazon. Buy now

The Now Habit Motivation Cards, $15.93
Overcome procrastination with this 64-card deck from bestselling author of The Now Habit, Neil Fiore. It’s especially helpful for busy people who don’t want to let anxiety get in the way of getting things done, such as verified Amazon purchaser Privte Tutor, who used the cards while writing a book. He would peruse the cards when he took a break “and they always helped me get back to work.” Buy Now

Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal: 16 Weeks of Guided Fitness Inspiration, $19.99
Fitness meets gratitude in this guided journal that helps you track and improve your exercise and eating habits. Tips, quotes, and a daily gratitude practice are included to feed your optimism. “It has room to make a record of your food and exercise,” says verified purchaser Peapodpal, “but the best part for me is recording what’s going on for me emotionally and sorting things out.” Buy now

The Power of Habit, $9.62
This instant classic by New York Times writer Charles Duhigg gets under the hood of how habits are formed in a friendly way so we can all understand the science that can help us live better. Says verified Amazon purchaser Evan: “The best part is the knowledge that you gain that let’s you take the driver seat.” Buy now

Dotted Habit Journal in 16 colors, $19.95
Fill this archival-quality journal of 249 dotted pages with thoughts, doodles, collages, or anything else that helps you work on your habit-building. A blank table of contents and set of stickers keep you organized. “I’m using this for my first time trying the bullet journal system, so far so good,” reports verified Amazon purchaser S. Veronica. “I like that the pages are not lined so that I can draw or make diagrams or anything like that if I so desire but the dots can act as lines when I am taking notes.” Buy now





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