Unstuck in Action: Exploring the options

Name: Michelle

Age:  28

Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Current job: Office manager at a financial firm

Previous job: Exercise specialist at a boutique health care fitness facility

Passionate about: Her neighborhood, Pilates, breathwork, and music. “I took classical piano lessons for eight years but now I want to learn more jazz and blues. I’m addicted to Spotify to find new music!“

How did you hear about the Unstuck app?
My fiancée recommended it to me after I quit my job and was looking for another career. I didn’t know what to expect, but the great thing about the app is that it’s very guided.”

How do you know when you’re stuck?
“I get very withdrawn and depressed. Then I know awareness needs to be brought to the situation.”

What’s it like to get unstuck?
“It’s empowering. Even if you don’t have an exact answer of what your next step will be, it’s empowering to pinpoint where you are.”

What was your stuck moment?
“I got to the point in my fitness career where I knew I didn’t want to pursue a future in it. I knew it for months, and then it came to a point where I quit but I didn’t have another job. In order for change to activate, I needed to close the chapter. It was an energy shift so I could find out what the next chapter going to be.”

How were you acting in your stuck moment?
“I was a Drifter. I found pinpointing my emotions and where I was at the most helpful part of the app. When the results come up, you can’t make any excuses. You said what you felt and the result is in response to you. You can’t be in denial.

“When I used the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ tool, I realized I only had two options — technology and music — but didn’t know how to pursue them. It made me realize I need to get out there and expose myself to what’s possible.”

So what did you do?
“I’m exploring within those two fields, educating myself with eyes and ears open to other possibilities. It’s like: Here is the blank canvas, and I’m still buying the paints, still getting the supplies, and then I want to paint as soon as it’s made clear to me.

“I downloaded iTunes University computer science 101 from Harvard. And I subscribed to Wired and Fast Company to keep up with the latest. 3D printing sounds really interesting.

“Music as a profession isn’t necessarily practical right now. I would need to go back to school. But I’m working with a teacher to explore jazz, blues, and improvisation on the piano.

“Now I have an action plan to pursue, so I don’t feel stuck.”

But you did get a new job in the meantime?
“Yes. I quit the fitness job in the end of May, and started my new job in July. In between, I did temping.”

If you could change one thing about Unstuck, it would be:
Interestingly enough, what I would change is most likely what helps me the most. Although I realized being ‘forced’ to choose three feelings or complete the exercises in that moment is what was and is so freeing, I wish I could peruse through the whole application without answering the questions.” 

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