Unstuck in Action: Fearless choices

Name:  Keaton Brownstead

Age: 20

Location: Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY

Home life: Lives in a campus dorm, serving as a full-time resident assistant

Occupation: Beginning his junior year of undergraduate study with a double major in economics and religious studies

Interests: Technology, camping, hiking, disc golf, bicycle racing

How did you hear about the Unstuck app?
“It came up on my Genius list for the app store. It sounded interesting and I gave it a download, but I didn’t use it right away.

“To be honest, the whole concept sounded silly. If I can’t figure things out on my own, how can I expect an app to do that for me? But the point I was at, I thought surely anything is better than what I have been doing, so I decided to give it a try.”

What were you stuck on?
“I have a lot of irons in a lot of different fires: Freelance writing, blogging, I’m part of a couple different city organizations. Basically, I had so many opportunities, but I had no idea what I eventually wanted to pursue as a career.

“Over the past 9 months, I’ve been trying to figure that out, but I would end up not making a choice. The fear is that it would exclude all the other things I have going on. I don’t feel like I’m living up to my potential if I’m not doing as much as I can at once.”

What were your thoughts after using the app?
“It told me I was an Idle Achiever — that I have so many options and so many ideas, I’m apprehensive about doing any. After reading that, I realized that I need to get over that looming fear, that choosing to go in one direction isn’t an exclusive choice because it opens opportunity.  

“I definitely ate my words. I didn’t want to buy into it too much at first, so I went to a couple of trusted colleagues and told them where I’m at, what the app said, and asked them to verify. I got all positive affirmations.”

Would you use the app again?
“It’s going to be great tool when I counsel my residents! I don’t think it’s something for a cosmic crisis, but if I’m working on a project, trying to figure out the next best steps forward, or struggling in the writing and creative process, yes, I will use it.”

How do you know when you’re stuck?
“Usually it’s when I ask myself the question: ‘Okay what do I do next?’ and I draw a blank.

What’s it like to get unstuck?
“I feel relieved and enlightened.”

If you could change one thing about Unstuck, it would be:
“Given my skeptical nature, it would be nice to have some links describing how the process works and why it gives you the results it does.”

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