Unstuck is about overcoming obstacles

April 17, 2013

Bad habits (and good habits) get hardwired in our brain — which makes them so hard to overcome, as Mr. Franklin points out. There is no one-size-fits-all habit-breaking solution, but here are a couple approaches to try out. Think in a new way: Instead of focusing on what you want to stop, concentrate on a new, good habit you want to start. The confidence that comes with doing something good for yourself may spill over into determination to stop doing something bad for you. Psychologists call this sublimation. Another tactic is to act in a new way by building your self-control muscle. Start with something small, like resisting the urge to get two scoops instead of one on your ice cream cone. Regularly strengthen your ability to resist, and when you feel ready, use your new superpower to obliterate that bad habit!

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