Unstuck’s secret sauce

An early adopter of Unstuck asked us, “How did you get inside my head?” Actually, we didn’t. The three main questions in the opening segment of the Unstuck app are designed to help you figure out what you don’t know by asking what you do know.

How are you feeling? People don’t often inquire about this unless you’ve been under the weather. It’s the first question in Unstuck because your emotions can reveal more about a situation than any written or spoken explanation. Feelings don’t censor themselves, making it a very honest assessment.

What are you thinking? Based on your feelings, there are a number of possible thoughts you might be having around your stuck moment. Again, thoughts, as opposed to what you might say out loud, reveal perspectives that could be standing in our way.

What are you doing? Actions speak louder than words, right? When people bounce their leg up and down like a jackhammer, it signals stress. Similarly, there are certain common things we do when we’re stuck, like hedging our bets or regularly contradicting ourselves.

While there are countless combinations of answers to these questions, our behavior as human beings isn’t all that unpredictable. We tend to feel, think, and act in the same ways in certain kinds of situations.

In our consulting work at SYPartners, we’ve come to recognize these behavior patterns, so in Unstuck, we characterized them in 11 different ways — Ad Libber, Waffler, Tunnel Visionary, Deflated Doer, Drifter, Reluctant Adapter, Idle Achiever, Fuzzy Forecaster, Lone Leader, and Avoider.

We tend to relate to one or two of these personas most often, but we’re all capable of acting in all of these ways at one stuck moment or another.  So taking a couple of minutes to answer the questions about feeling, thinking, and doing is an easy way to get a reality check on your situation.

And once you know how you’re stuck, it’s time to take action. Unstuck has tools for that!

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