Wear it wisely T-shirts

A wise woman named Madeleine L’Engle once wrote, “Some things have to be believed to be seen.” Which got us thinking: Why not wear our belief so others can see it? Hence, this roundup of T-shirts that lets the world know how we’re striving to be our best selves — and they can, too. (Disclosure: Unstuck will receive a small stipend from any purchases on this page.)




Believe there is good in the world T-shirt, $14.99

With a clever use of shading, this shirt delivers twice the message that the world, for all its foibles, still delivers goodness for those who look for it. Think of it as hope delivered. Buy now.




actually I can


Actually, I can T-shirt, $18.99

Dissenters abound, but that’s not you. Knowing you can, even if it takes a few tries, is the foundation of leading a resilient life. Don’t settle for less. Buy now.




don't hate

Don’t hate what you don’t understand T-shirt, $19.99

People are so quick to judge, don’t you think? But empathy, truly, could save us all. This shirt will stop the close-minded in their tracks. Buy now.




Be the change


Be the change you wish to see in the world T-shirt, $15.95

Issue this call to action for all the complainers, naysayers, and malcontents you come in contact with. Buy now.




choose kindness


I choose kindness T-shirt, $14.95

You can bully your way through the world or carry yourself with kindness. Embrace the latter to leave the world a better place than you found it. Buy now.


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