Workbooks you don’t get in school (but you should)

Remember the familiar call of the high-schooler: How am I going to use this in real life? That won’t be a question with any of these funny and thoughtful workbooks from publisher TarcherPerigee. Instead, you’ll write, sketch, and ponder your way to a better understanding of yourself and how you interact with the world. (Disclosure: Unstuck will receive a small stipend from any purchases on this page.)


choose kindness

In a Daze Work: A pick-your-path journey through the daily grind by Siobhan Gallagher, $10.85

Made for the under-30 set, In a Daze Work helps navigate the decisions of daily life. Do you stay in or go out? Is it too soon to creep on your ex? This illustrated guide brings humor and whimsy to the practice of adulting. Buy now.




1 page at a time1 Page at a Time: A daily creative companion by Adam J. Kurtz, $10.20

A particularly tough year for Adam Kurtz led him to create this 365-day journal to help us all get some perspective on our lives. Every day comes with an irreverent prompt to think or doodle or reflect in ways you probably wouldn’t otherwise. Buy now.




yYou’re Weird: A creative journal for misfits, oddballs, and anyone else who’s uniquely awesome by Kate Peterson, $10.65

Finally, a movement to embrace weirdness as a positive attribute. Quirky drawings accompany the activities in this journal that’s intended to give agency to the ways you don’t “fit in.” Buy now.




how to be happyHow to Be Happy (or at Least Less Sad): A creative workbook by Lee Crutchley, from $5.49

Lee Crutchley understands that anxiety or depression doesn’t disappear when someone says, “Cheer up.” Instead, she offers prompts to reflect and think differently as a way to rediscover life’s pleasures. Buy now.




wWreck This Journal by Keri Smith, $13.50

Imperfection reigns in this diary for people who want to build a journaling habit. The prompts throughout purposely encourage destruction — poke holes, paint pages with coffee — as a way to overcome fear of the blank page. Buy now.





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