You can help us win a Webby Award

| April 11, 2012

We’re not in the business of winning awards, and yet, in the past couple of months the Unstuck app has been honored with an Appy, and recently nominated for a Webby.

It’s gratifying to have your work recognized, but we don’t enter these competitions so we can feel good about ourselves (okay, maybe just a little). Seriously, our goal with award-winning is to help spread the word about Unstuck. The more momentum the app receives (and we’re on a good roll), the more we’re able to continue to create new kinds of Unstuck experiences for you.

At the end (and beginning and middle) of the day, our aim is to create a movement that helps people live better. That, in turn, will help other people live better. And on and on.

If you’re with us, please take a minute to vote for Unstuck in the People’s Voice Webby Awards — and ask your friends to as well. We thank you for it.

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