We all get stuck all the time. And that’s good.

Because getting unstuck means our lives improve in some way. The more we get unstuck, the better life becomes. The Unstuck app is a set of innovative tools and tips that help us—you guessed it—get unstuck from all kinds of situations.

Doing is a way of life for us. Days and nights are chock full of things to plan, read, finish, re-do, write, sort through. We even schedule relaxation. But sometimes, there’s a task (or two or three) that we just won’t do, and it turns us into the avoider. The longer we avoid it, the larger the task looms, which only makes us avoid it more. Vicious.

We’re a tough nut to crack in this kind of stuck moment because our avoidance doesn’t seem logical. But no one’s perfect, and on occasion we miss a step, like failing to make a good plan or take a stand. But if all the pieces are there and we still don’t act, it helps to jump rather than wade into the pool. It gives us less time to worry about “What if?”