We all get stuck all the time. And that’s good.

Because getting unstuck means our lives improve in some way. The more we get unstuck, the better life becomes. The Unstuck app is a set of innovative tools and tips that help us—you guessed it—get unstuck from all kinds of situations.

It’s the steady rhythm of our days that keeps us buoyed. Performing daily tasks with skill and expertise is truly gratifying, especially because others count on us for it. We’re necessary! But when we’re stuck, the wind leaves our sails and we feel like a deflated doer. Our routine turns into a grind and it becomes hard to remember why we’re doing what we do so well. The spark is gone.

In our deflated doer moments, we’ve lost our purpose. To rediscover it and get out of our rut, we try looking at situations from a fresh perspective. It gives us the inspiration we need to reignite the pilot light.