We all get stuck all the time. And that’s good.

Because getting unstuck means our lives improve in some way. The more we get unstuck, the better life becomes. The Unstuck app is a set of innovative tools and tips that help us—you guessed it—get unstuck from all kinds of situations.

There’s not much to complain about, really. We’ve got friends and fun—life moves along at an enjoyable clip. But when our happy-go-lucky spirit starts meandering, our drifter tendencies emerge. We stray off our path for no good reason—or for other people’s reasons—and our minds become littered with indecision. At this moment, we don’t have a clear direction.

When we act like a drifter, it’s because we don’t know where we’re headed. Our decisions usually come from somewhere else. And, quite possibly, left to our own devices, we could avoid setting a goal for much longer than we should. In this kind of stuck moment, we need to trust ourselves by testing out new choices.