We all get stuck all the time. And that’s good.

Because getting unstuck means our lives improve in some way. The more we get unstuck, the better life becomes. The Unstuck app is a set of innovative tools and tips that help us—you guessed it—get unstuck from all kinds of situations.

We like knowing what’s right and what’s wrong—it’s our compass for life. We can size up any situation and immediately know how to fix it. That’s why we’re often put in charge of people and projects. Quick, decisive, confident: Yup, that’s us! Until… we get ahead of ourselves. Then our best laid plans simply lie there, and we’re stuck being idle achievers.

Being an idle achiever means we’ve temporarily misplaced our confidence to get things done. To find it, and the determination to see things through, we like to return to our original idea and think about it in a different way. When we consider the goal from a fresh perspective, it can renew our motivation and—more important—our stick-to-itiveness.