We all get stuck all the time. And that’s good.

Because getting unstuck means our lives improve in some way. The more we get unstuck, the better life becomes. The Unstuck app is a set of innovative tools and tips that help us—you guessed it—get unstuck from all kinds of situations.

In the loop? Check! Making it happen? Check! Most of the time, life runs like a well-oiled machine. We’re busy (in a good way), but we find time to help our friends—it’s all systems go! That’s why getting stuck is such a surprise and struggle for us. One minute we’re solving local parking problems, the next we’re acting like a tunnel visionary—blinded to possibilities outside our direct line of sight.

To get out of our tunnel visionary mode, we need to take the blinders off and look at the world differently. Getting out of our usual space always helps widen our view. But even seeing our most familiar things in a new light can be refreshing.