Karen Batchelor

Lawyer turned genealogist

63, Metro Detroit, MI

Extreme Ancestry

"Trust your intuition.

Your intuition is the surest, truest wisdom you will ever have in life. Yet there are so many times we listen to the advice of others (parents, friends, trusted advisors, society) and ignore the wisdom that lies within us. I’m sad to say there have been times I’ve ignored my intuition and caused myself pain and sadness.

As I’ve grown older though (I’m now 63), I noticed that my intuition comes across ‘louder’ than it did when I was young. It sings like an opera singer — especially when I try to ignore it. So I don’t. If my younger self had known to trust her intuition, she would have done some important things a lot differently. But no regrets because, along the way, I have learned an invaluable lesson: That the road through life is best traveled with my intuition along as a trusted friend and guide.”