Dmitry Paperny

Transplant from LA to NYC so his last name would make more sense

44, New York, NY

“Dear younger me — So many things to tell you, so many dangers to warn you about (June 26, 1988: don’t pick up that phone; September 3, 1993: buy APPL at $23; March 1995: just do the opposite of everything you did) to help you avoid all the pain, suffering, lost wages, and spiritual discomforts you would experience. But I won’t. At least today I know how to deal with the aftermath of your inconsiderate growing up without advice from your future self. Who knows where I’d be today if you did something different... Richer, happier perhaps, with more talents or more friends. Or not. One thing I know for sure — and you have to believe me because I am from the future — it won’t be me and I don’t want to not be me. Trippy, right? So mum’s the word, go do your thing, and I’ll see you when I see you. Oh, and if you’re ever in doubt —just tell the truth. Makes things way easier when you get here.”