Mary McMillan

Crazy, fun-loving, laughing-at-life, having-more-fun-than-most mother, grandmother and friend

79, San Diego, CA

“I never give advice except to self. My one bit would be to take risks way earlier than I did. My big jump came at the age of 45 when I drove ... alone ... 1500 miles ... from Wisconsin to San Diego. I had no job, no friends and very little money! Woo hoo. I always called it running away from home!

I am now 79 and have lived a life filled with both high spots (my move to San Diego was the best) and low spots (I'm a 32 year cancer survivor), and have two wonderful children, three grandchildren, and have been loved by two men and lost them both.

I wouldn't have missed it, any of it, for the world.

Best thing is I still have much more to live and give.”