Casadaro Shearrod, 32, Washington state
Occupation: Soldier in the US Army; creator of the American Dream Ride
Purpose: “To inspire and motivate people.”

Casadaro wrote to Unstuck recently about his thoughts on purpose, so we had to call him to find out more. Here’s what we learned: After high school, he joined the Army, figuring “it would be cool.” Marriage and children followed. He served in far-flung locations like Korea, Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. “I just naturally went in whatever direction they sent me. I went with the flow.”

“Then I experienced a disconnect,” he says. “Like a speedboat on water. It’s flowing with the water, and then there’s a bump. As the boat goes faster and faster, it starts to leap higher and higher… and then one day I woke up, and thought, I don’t want to do this anymore!”

“I started to think about my purpose, not just for my family, my community, but for the world,” Casadaro says. He identified the joy he takes in mentoring and enhancing the lives of others, and began to think intentionally about life after the military, specifically “what kind of role model I want to be for my children.”  The idea for The American Dream Ride was born. A motorcycle adventure, documentary, and blog, the Dream Ride will take Casadaro and his family cross-country, interviewing people who “live life on their own terms and create value for others.”

Now, with “every day, every action,” he asks himself, “will this thing be of benefit, not just in the near future, but in the far-off future?” If not, he puts it on the back burner.