Sally Kohn, 36, New York, NY
Occupation: Activist; writer; television commentator on MSNBC, Fox News, and other channels
Purpose: “To help talk about the values of opportunity and justice and inclusion in a way that gets beyond the dynamics of us/them, left/right, in/out and the incredibly divisive partisanship that has led to people shutting each other out.”

Sally had wonderful parents who taught her about justice and opportunities and responsibility to others. And along the way, she met all kinds of other people who further shaped those values. So it makes perfect sense that she spent the first sixteen years of her career as a community organizer, working every day to give people a voice in society. But looking back, Sally sees flaws in her efforts: “Did I always do it in the most emotionally correct way? No, I did not. Did I see the world as partisan? Yes, I did. I was a strident twenty-year-old for at least ten years.”

It wasn’t until three years ago, when she took her liberal views on air at Fox News that Sally found a better way. “I was in a relationship with people I didn’t agree with. And I learned that we share a lot of the same fears and concerns — and they are very nice people, not the caricatures you see on TV.” She gradually dropped the strident tone and worked on what she coined as emotional correctness: “When we put our humanity first, our commonalities first, we find ways to connect.”