Carole Artigiani, 72, New York, NY
Occupation: Educator; founder of nonprofit educational organization Global Kids
Purpose: “To assure that people from traditionally marginalized communities have a voice in shaping policies that affect their own lives, their societies, and the world.”

“I lived in a segregated city, but didn’t even notice until I was in my late teens, during the Civil Rights Movement,” Carole says. That realization of injustice — not just in Baltimore where she grew up, but around the world — sparked her passion to help “people who are objects, but not shapers of policy” find their voices.

As a public high school teacher, Carole promoted critical thinking by “exposing students to diverse points of view and connecting what was going on in the real world with what students were supposed to be learning in books.” Outside the classroom, she fought her natural shyness to “raise awareness of what the roots of the issues really were,” daring to cover her car in anti-war stickers while living near a naval base.

In 1989, she combined what she cares most about — democracy, human rights, social justice, and education — into the movement Global Kids. The organization prepares urban youth to become leaders locally and globally. In return, Carole has “learned about the lives, backgrounds, and issues that engage all of us,” she says. “It has had a tremendous impact on my personal growth.”