Angela Beeler, 38, Waco, TX
Occupation: Cofounder and owner of Refit®
Purpose: “Empower women to be comfortable in their own skin, even if they are counter to our culture’s expectations.”

“I think my whole life has prepared me for fully functioning and living in my purpose,” says Angela, who was the only Asian-American in the small Southern town she grew up in. Struggling to assimilate but also stay true to herself, she spent eight years at home with her kids because that was the norm. “For me, it was a lonely time in my life. I found my outlet was to come up with side businesses or projects,” she says. “I didn’t think I could be a mom and have a career because other moms weren’t doing that.”

Breaking away from social norms, Angela realized “I can be a mom and an entrepreneur. And having a job that requires travel is okay.” The power of her epiphany made her want to help others who don’t feel like they fit in: “It’s only half the battle to heal from your wounds; the other part is to share with other people.” So together with partners Catherine Ballas and Emily Field, she started Refit®, a community-focused fitness program that helps women work on their confidence and self-worth as well as their waistline.