Kevin Murungi, 36, Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Human rights and foreign policy specialist at Global Kids; political blogger at Blouin News
Purpose: “Promoting and protecting human rights, in whatever way I can.”

Raised in a middle-class family in Nairobi, Kenya, Kevin arrived at Middlebury College planning to study biology, but it was a comparative politics course that really excited him.

“I felt a growing sense of responsibility as we delved into organizing principles of nations and governance. I became more aware and critical of things that I had taken as the norm. Most importantly, I found myself vexed by all forms of inequity and driven to do something about it.”

He adds, “It’s a bit of a family thing.” One of Kevin’s sisters is a renowned human rights lawyer; another a filmmaker focused on LGBTQ rights; another is on the UN staff in Kenya. “Injustice was all around us,” he says, describing the dictatorial government of his youth. “We grew up with this inherent desire for change.”

Through Global Kids and his blogging, Kevin’s objective is “to advocate for action and policy that effectively address violations of people’s rights by tackling the injustice and inequality that create them.”

His biggest blocker is complacency: “I have to keep thinking of the next blog, the next event, the next ally… I’m driven by the sense of working for something bigger than myself.”