L.D., 63, New York, NY
Occupation: Retired not-for-profit worker; volunteer for The Hunger Project and Crossroads Community Services food pantry at Saint Bartholomew’s Church
Purpose: “To make the world around me work better.”

L.D. has a talent for looking at a system or situation and seeing where to tweak it. She applies her gift to make the world around her work better. “I love to feel useful,” she says. “For a long time, I didn’t feel in sync with my surroundings. Gradually, through my jobs and my interactions with people in life, I started to recognize that I engage with people and subjects intensely. I’m engaged with the big picture, how everything fits together, and how to make it work better.”

She’s happiest, she says, “when people and things fall into place and it’s just clicking and there’s harmony. I’ve always wanted to clean the rain gutters, to clear the leaves out so the drain can work. I love making what wants to happen, happen.”