Camille Corazón, 26, New York, NY
Occupation: Singer; songwriter; producer
Purpose: “I stick up for anything in this world that is important and unheard.”

Camille considers herself “kind of the minority in everything.” A striking Filipino-American who only recently learned who Kanye West is, she’s a science junkie with Asperger tendencies and more testosterone than is usual for a woman. It took a moment of clarity at age 24, however, to finally own her own skin.

“I was surrounded by ‘coolness’ and superficiality all around,” she says, “but I was miserable because I didn't own myself.” So, instead of trying so hard, Camille decided to set her own standards — in her music, appearance, and behavior — and create “who I felt I was, not what I felt I needed to.”

“I broke free,” she says. “It gave me the audacity to pursue music like I never had before. Once I exuded this energy of self-acceptance, I totally just rocked it.”

And she wants the rest of the world’s underdogs to rock it with her.

In her music, which she writes and produces, Camille reveals her personal foibles and pain: “That’s vulnerability, but that’s strength. I have to do things other people aren’t doing, not for the mere fact that it’s different, but because if I could do these things, others will realize they can, too.”