Catherine Ballas, 29, Waco, TX
Occupation: Co-founder and owner of Refit®
Purpose: “If I walk into a black-and-white room, I want to bring color to that room.”

In her early 20s, Catherine says she was “waiting for someone to walk up and dub me creative. I worked for a church for five and half years doing video production, waiting for that moment.” It never happened. But when her age jumped to the other side of 25, Catherine woke up one morning and declared: “This is who I am. A creative person. I’m willing to take risks.”

After she started taking those risks, she found that her identity followed. These days, she adds creativity in all kinds of ways to Refit®, a dance-fitness program. It might be creating a work system, editing videos, or helping a client: “I can walk in and walk out and not look at a person who’s having a rough day, but I like taking time for those individuals. I hear them out, and then take my paint brush full of color and put it on them.”