Greg Ferro, 46, Long Island, NY

For Greg and Jennifer, love took its time. They met in grade school and later ran in different circles in the same high school. If they hadn’t worked together at an ice cream parlor the summer he was 17, he never would have gotten to know the person he’d build his life with.

“It wasn’t love at first sight,” Greg says. “We worked together for over a year and were friends before we ever dated. But I knew that my life had just changed. Something told me, Oh my god, this is going to mean something for me.

They dated throughout college and, in their final year, they married and moved into a small basement apartment in Long Island. Young and in love — and still in school — they also faced the challenge of running an adult household. In doing so, they grew together.

“Because we were so young, we weren’t set in our ways,” Greg says. “We learned to cook together. I was a waiter, and I’d bring home little tricks I’d learned in the restaurant to show her. And we would always food shop together, even when we were both working and had crazy schedules.”

Twenty-five years and four children later, food continues to play a central role in their continuity.

“The kitchen is the center of the family in a lot of ways,” Greg says, “and food is a glue that keeps us there. The first time our eldest son came from college, we cooked 10 pounds of potatoes and talked and ate for three hours until they were gone.”

But what they cherish most is their one-on-one time. “Just talking to her and being around her is my favorite thing,” he says. “When I hear something I think is exciting or newsworthy, she’s the first person I tell. And she’s the same with me.”