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Unstuck’s new “Making a change” online Life Course helps you create an approach and action plan — tailored to you.

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Bite-Sized for Busy people

We all have full lives. And we all want to make something better. “Making a change” makes that easier by serving up ideas, insights, tips, and more in small pieces that are easy to digest. Take a peek...

This deceptively simple series of questions gets at your stuck tendencies when it comes to change.

Short videos offer fresh perspective and relatable stories around the process of change.

Interactive exercises are easy to use so you can focus on your answers.

What people are saying about “Making a change”

I've gained personal insights along with sage advice and a concrete action plan for making my change happen. I'm emotionally and practically prepared to move forward.

—Jade Horning

I was surprised at how accurate the results were.

—Alex McKay

In terms of how I am able to interact with the content, this is the best online course I have seen.

—Julie Willcott

The videos really resonated with me. They were my favorite part.

—Amelie Segrestan

“Making a change” Life Course focuses on your mindset and approach to change so you are prepared to tackle any kind of improvement.

$49.99 to take the course again and again.

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what to expect

Interactive exercises leading to personal insights

Short, powerful videos that offer fresh perspective

Downloadable worksheets to apply course insights to your life

Follow-up emails with advice, encouragement, and worksheets

Part 1

What’s stopping you?

Using two playful diagnostics, you’ll surface your stuck tendencies around change. Understanding this puts you in a powerful position to adjust your approach.

2 videos, 2 diagnostics, 1 offline contemplation

Part 2

Clarity will guide you

Discover new ways to deal with the ambiguity that comes with change so it doesn’t get in the way. Then pinpoint your purpose and commit to it. This is where the motivation really begins to build.

2 videos, 3 interactive exercises, 1 offline contemplation

Part 3

Belief trumps risk

You’ll reframe how you feel and think about risk so it doesn’t overpower you. Then, with confidence, you’ll uncover the possibilities that come with making mistakes.

2 videos, 2 interactive exercises, 1 printable, 1 offline contemplation

Part 4

A system keeps you going

A customized system that details purpose and belief, motivators, and risk-busters now serves as reminder, advisor, and inspiration. As a crucial next step, you’ll create a deceptively simple action plan.

2 videos, 3 interactive exercises, 6 printables, 3 follow-up emails

Change is hard — but it doesn’t have to be.

$49.99 gives you a better way to make things better.

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The power behind Life Courses

Unstuck Life Courses are based on decades of learning about what inspires people to change. It is created by SYPartners, which launched the award-winning Unstuck app in 2011. SYPartners is a transformation company that helps individuals, teams, and organizations become the best version of themselves, so they can create massive positive impact in business and society.

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