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The highly successful decision-making app becomes a deck of cards to help you shuffle through life's inevitable dilemmas.

In 2011, Cool Hunting covered the launch of Unstuck, a groundbreaking iPad app that strategically leads users through times of creative blockage and decision-making struggles. Using a simple step-by-step diagnostic survey, Unstuck figures out exactly what the dilemma is at hand and then creates a tip list to direct focus toward an attainable solution. The app has been wildly successful... read more

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A great app to help you with your new year’s resolutions is free on iPad. Unstuck helps you get motivated, set goals and make a plan. read more

Webby Awards Evolve with Times but Criteria Remains the Same

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Know your superpower: highlights from The 99% Conference

Enter Keith Yamashita, one of the most influential consultants you’ve never heard of and Chairman of SYPartners, a firm that "fuses systems thinking and creativity to help organizations in times of seismic change." read more

Unstuck: a new tool to spur creative problem solving

From SYPartners, the innovation and design firm whose tagline is “we help companies design their future” and whose client list includes Apple, IBM, Target, Nike, and Starbucks, comes a new business, Unstuck. read more


This year was a rough one. Morale went missing somewhere between the U.S. government’s near-default and Europe’s near-collapse, and, as 2011 comes to a close, the usual New Year’s resolutions seem a little frivolous. What’s needed is planning, action, and maybe even some austerity measures—which is why the Unstuck iPad app, offered for free, is a tempting download. read more

New iPad app inspires in-the-moment personal problem solving to help you live better every day

There are times in life when the blank notebook page stays blank for far too long—even the most productive people occasionally get stuck. For moments like these there's Unstuck, a recently released iPad app to help you work through the situation at hand. read more

Unstuck Is Your iPad Toolkit for Curing Indecisiveness, Tiredness, Lack of Motivation, and Other Life Issues

We've all had our "stuck" moments, from the big ("What should I do with my life?") to the everyday ("I'm tired of the same old lunches"). Unstuck is a brilliant app that coaches you through challenges to a better life. read more

Unstuck For iPad: Your Virtual Mentor For When The Going Gets Tough

Often in the middle of an exhaustive and critical project, we find ourselves stuck in a seemingly unsolvable problem. Whether you are refurbishing your entire house or launching a million dollar project, a time comes when you feel like putting a fist through the wall. Unstuck is a unique new app for iPad that helps you clear your mind in such situations; it helps you chart down all the factors responsible for getting you stuck in the middle of a major project, analyzes the scenario, suggests a solution and even helps you draft out a plan to execute it. read more

The Best New And Updated iPad Apps This Week, December 4-10, 2011

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The most brilliant people often are the ones who get the most ‘stuck’ in life. Whether professionally or personally, their drive to create and try new things brings them to crossroads and presents them with problems that are often totally novel. read more

New app transforms your iPad into a life coach

Stuck on a personal problem or decision? There’s an app for that.
On Wednesday, a San Francisco-based business consulting firm unveiled Unstuck, a free app that turns a person’s iPad into a sort of mobile life coach. read more

Unstuck Helps Turn Your iPad Into An On-The-Go Life Coach

Innovation and management consultancy SYPartners is debuting its virtual on-the-go life coach, Unstuck this evening. Unstuck, which is an iPad app, allows you to get on-demand coaching whenever you need it. read more

Unstuck at PSFK

Why do the most brilliant people get stuck? How do they identify that they've hit a roadblock–personal or professional? After 18 years of work with top brands, Keith Yamashita, the founder of SYPartners, created an app that aims to help people get unstuck. read more


Entrepreneurs are passionate about chasing their dreams, but even they have perplexing moments along the way: Should I quit my full-time job? Should we expand the team? Should I be spending more time with my wife? read more