Your guide to thrive on February 14th and every day after


Why I'm excited to be my own damn Valentine

Is there a better time to focus on 'you' then on the one day per year dedicated to celebrating love?

Taking good care of ourselves should be our first expression of love. When we make time and space for small tactics that will help keep us balanced and happy, it opens the door for more love in our lives.

When Valentine’s Day comes around, it’s all too easy to shift our focus from what we have to what we don’t. That’s when it helps to remember that a romantic relationship is only one of many important connections in our lives. 

Why not let our curiosity about others expand our world? Here's how being a little vulnerable with a stranger might lead to a great new relationship.

Remember those deep connections — the ones we long for but leave unattended? We can chalk it up to busyness or we can use any of these 10 time-boxed ways to fold our bestest friends back into our life.

Relationships fuel all aspects of our life — and without that fuel, the days can feel pretty empty. But no need to go there. Here are seven low-impact acts to build bonds.

It’s never too late to shore up relationships at work, even if we feel backed into a corner or pigeon-holed as a loner. This list of 21 tips comes from folks who credit professional success to strong relationships. Their advice is awesome.

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